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Croquet - a game for all ages

Croquet is a game of strategy, tactics and skill.  It is s timeless game that reached its peak in the Victorian era in England.  It subsequently shared its lawns with the newly invented game of tennis but has maintained its status over many decades as its popularity extended throughout the world.

There are two codes of the game, namely Golf Croquet and American Rules Croquet, the latter being similar to Association Croquet played in other parts of the world.  Croquet has sometimes been referred to as 'snooker on grass', but it should be pointed out that snooker was a table-top game based on the fundamental concepts of croquet.

Croquet is a challenging and entertaining game requiring significant levels of tactics and skill.  However, the handicapping system allows players of all levels of experience to play on a competitive level.  It is unique among sports in that players can compete on a level playing field regardless of experience, age or gender.